[arin-ppml] Tenfold fee increases?

Matt Harris matt at netfire.net
Sun Jun 4 23:56:28 EDT 2023

On Sat, Jun 3, 2023 at 7:37 PM Fernando Frediani <fhfrediani at gmail.com>

> If there are not enough incentives already let's create more then. We, as
> a community in a bottom up process as responsible for creating them based
> on what is right and fair to most people.
> Use the excuse that the broker market is happing is not enough to try
> pretend things like leasing is a correct thing. It is not and will never
> be, despite the need some may have. It is fundamentally wrong allow assign
> addresses to those who can pay more rather than necessarily to those who
> justify for them.
> We, as a community can adjust the rules in order to create more incentives
> for unused spaces to be returned to ARIN so it can reassign to those who
> really justify and will use them to build real Internet, based on fair and
> neutral rules not just to speculate and profit from it.
> We can have all the basis to support ARIN legally to revoke unused space
> that to be returned therefore if it is not in use (being leased for
> example) then it must be returned.
> Doesn't matter if that ended up happing here and there. If that is morally
> wrong, a distrotion to the system and should not been done then any
> necessary policy to support ARIN to revoke addresses where necessary and
> reassign to those who really justify should be created for that.
> We cannot prentend that is fine just because some a minority still beleive
> it should be allowed to profit from something someone doesn't own and that
> is in need for others to fulfil its main propose and build Internet.
> Fernando
> ssues.

Hey Fernando,
I'm interested in hearing what sort of things we as a community could do to
create incentives to return v4 space to the RIRs. Right now, there's
essentially none, but I don't have any good ideas here myself. As far ad
adjusting rules to allow ARIN to simply reclaim space at will, absent
egregious misbehavior, I think this creates a huge minefield of potential
issues. Should ARIN revoke a /24 that's being used in such a way that only
a single address is in use? What if the organization only needs a single
anycast endpoint and they're using that /24 for that purpose? How do you
decide when and where to simply revoke an LIR's allocations or an
end-user's direct assignments? This is probably also a legal minefield in
addition to being an ethical/moral minefield.

- mdh

Matt Harris
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matt.harris at netfire.net
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