[arin-ppml] 2014-1 Out of Region Use

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Wed Feb 25 16:36:57 EST 2015

On 25-Feb-15 12:10, Jon Lewis wrote:
> I wasn't prepared to argue about either of these "policies"
> yesterday, but after searching the NRPM, I can't find any basis for
> either of them.  So, I called the helpdesk to double-check / ask
> where in the NRPM I could find these "policies".  I was told they're
> based on ARIN's interpretation of 2.2, specifically "The primary role
> of RIRs is to manage and distribute public Internet address space
> within their respective regions."

I think this matches the intent of 2.2 at the time it was written:
preventing "registry shopping" by registrants.

> Those are some very specific "policies" derived from a very vague
> sentence,

Well, that's the downside to giving staff vague policies; we do so
because we trust them to interpret the intent correctly and apply it to
all sorts of cases we hadn't considered, but it's inevitable that their
interpretation (with the best of intentions) doesn't match our intent,
or that our intent changes and their interpretation doesn't.

> which I think could just as reasonably be interpreted as meaning the RIRs exist to serve
> organizations headquartered in their respective service regions.
> You're a US corporation, ARIN is your RIR.  You're a German
> corporation, RIPE is your RIR.

So, if I'm a German corporation and I don't like RIPE's rules, I simply
set up a shell corporation in the US and get my addresses from ARIN,
then use them in Germany anyway?  That doesn't sound right.

Such registry shopping will inevitably result in a "race to the bottom"
and defeat the entire rationale for having regional registries.

IMHO, addresses should come from the registry for the region in which
they're used, with exceptions for "incidental" use, e.g. out-of-region
usage is smaller than would justify the respective region's minimum
direct allocation/assignment size.  I _think_ this is what staff has
been implementing all along, and I never said anything because I agreed,
but if we need explicit policy to defend that interpretation, I'll write
the proposal and see who else agrees.


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