[arin-ppml] 2014-1 Out of Region Use

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Wed Feb 25 16:53:58 EST 2015

So, if I'm a German corporation and I don't like RIPE's rules, I simply set up a shell corporation in the US and get my addresses from ARIN, then use them in Germany anyway?  That doesn't sound right.

MM: There are these things called multinational corporations with global networks. Ever heard of them? Making internet conform to national jurisdictions doesn’t sound right; indeed, it sounds a lot worse than what you call “registry shopping.” There is strong community support for one-stop shopping for number needs for global networks.

Such registry shopping will inevitably result in a "race to the bottom" and defeat the entire rationale for having regional registries.

MM: This is a slogan not an argument. Tell me what the incentives of an RIR are to “race to the bottom” are, please? Most race to the bottom arguments involve benefits or profits that accrue from loosening requirements. Tell me how ARIN or RIPE or APNIC has an incentive to race to the bottom in the distribution of numbers. It seems they almost have the opposite incentive; they want to conserve their local number allocations.

IMHO, addresses should come from the registry for the region in which they're used,

MM: Numbers are virtual resources that have no intrinsic tie to geography. RIRs were created to make face to face and administrative interactions easier due to variations in language, culture, etc, not to link numbers to territory. Tell me how the internet or the public benefits by requiring transnational networks to get membership in and participate in 5 different organizations for a single network.

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