IP-Hosting Policy Specifics

Jim Macknik jmacknik at inflow.com
Thu May 3 10:48:40 EDT 2001

Heh...I hear you. I would say there is some difficulty then...some people I
have spoken are not sure what will be registered as justified. Even if they
are just data-collecting right now, what happens when the policy is in place
at full force? Some people are worried that they may receive charge-backs
due to inadequate justification...they may be unable to get more addresses
because their justification was invalidated, but those arguments were made
at a time when justification was not defined.

I guess my concern is: if the "policy" is just for information gathering
(and I agree that it is currently worded in this way), then there is the
likelihood that most people will want to blow it off. Why put together a lot
of justification documentation when it's not required? The returns that ARIN
gets are likely to be skewed to a select few organizations that are diligent
in providing information. This data, as a result, may not be representative
of how addresses are used in general.

If the policy is released as a requirement to have this data in hand before
IP space can be allocated, then we will need to have clear borders around
it. I'm just a little worried that the policy, as it is currently worded, is
a continuation of the current status quo. Right now, justification is highly
recommended but not an absolute requirement (unless I missed a memo about
the re-instatement of RFC2050). How much data has ARIN received in the last
6 months about how IP space is being allocated?

I worry that if we give people an option to ignore a policy, most users will
do just that.

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On Thu, 3 May 2001, Jim Macknik wrote:

> I really think we need ARIN to really lay down what "technical
> justifications" there are for requesting IP space for IP-based hosting.

  When I read the current "Policy" paragraph I don't get the impression
that ARIN is currently intending to "require" any particular technical
justification before granting address space, only that the ISP must supply
"their" technical justification for wanting to do so. This is supported by
the fact that it doesn't say "adequate techinical justification" and by
the second sentance which clearly makes this a data collection effort at
this time. I believe the difference between required justification and a
reasonable effort to apply address conservation techniques was the primary
stumbling point in coming up with a policy in the first place.
  If there is any intent to interpret this policy in such a way that ARIN
(or ISP's to their customers) are going to make a value judgement as to
whether a particular technical justification is acceptable or not, then I
think we need to get that out in the open now and do battle on each and
every one of those acceptable justifications. Just keep in mind where that
went when we tried to define that before. 

Chuck Scott

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