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the rules have been changed before and they can be changed again.  Time has
never been a limiting fact in updating policies or rules..ESPECIALLY if
those rules change due to NECESSITY.  The lawyers can sue all they want, but
if they do there is a risk that we could indeed run out of IP address
space...Then the rules won't account for anything and desperate measures
will override ANY grandfather clause you can think of.


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The challenge of course is that when they were allocated the space,
current allocation policies were not in place, nor was a policy
saying that the rules could be changed later, hence there is serious
legal question over whether or not the rules can be changed after the

At 6:49 PM -0800 1/9/01, Clayton Lambert wrote:
>As a person involved with a company that never had a /8 given to it...I say
>it isn't that difficult...They back it up, or they lose it...Point.
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>Clayton Lambert wrote:
>>  I think that companies with /8's and multiple unjustified /16's should
>>  to provide supporting documentation to keep them.
>This is a tough issue that we have often come back to.  Unfortunately, we
>have yet to come up with a good answer...
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