[arin-tech-discuss] Connection problem

Morris Williams mkwphoto2 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 27 08:44:57 EST 2017

To Whom It May Concern;
Do not know if you can help with this, but maybe you direct us to were we can get help.
My name is Andrea Williams. I live in North Carolina. I’m currently working with ITurtorgroup/TutorABC out of China. 
I teach English online to students in China, Taiwan, and Japan.
I’ve been experiencing some connection issues with your Washington DC server.
The connection issues occur when doing a tracert test to these IP's:
 My IP address is:
My email address is: andreasmmns at yahoo.com / mkwphoto2 at yahoo.com
Whenever IT runs a trace route test, there is a time out. There are 6 other servers that I have to connect with, including some in Asia and here in the United States. The one in DC is the only one that I’m having problems with.
I ‘m not permitted to return to go back to work until I am able to connect to your server. Please help me with this issue. I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you in advance,
Andrea Williams ( andreasmmns at yahoo.com) & Morris Williams (mkwphoto2 at yahoo.com)
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