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ARIN is the registry for IP addresses/AS numbers within the US, Canada, and portions of the Caribbean. We maintain a registry of the resources assigned within our region; we don’t actually control the networks that use these resources. For that reason, we can’t directly help with this sort of issue. It’s not our server; it’s a server operated by someone else. The best assistance we can provide is to provide registration information for a given IP address. As an example, for the IP addresses you noted, if you go to www.arin.net<http://www.arin.net> and enter them into the search Whois box in the upper right, you’ll find registration information. It appears all are registered through APNIC (ARIN’s equivalent in the Asia-Pacific region); you can get APNIC’s registration information here:


You can then use that registration information to assist in solving your problem – for example, to contact whatever network may be problematic in terms of connecting. Ultimately, the problem has to be solved between your ISP and that remote network hosting the server to which you’re trying to connect.

Good luck!

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Date: Wednesday, December 27, 2017 at 8:47 AM
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To Whom It May Concern;
Do not know if you can help with this, but maybe you direct us to were we can get help.

My name is Andrea Williams. I live in North Carolina. I’m currently working with ITurtorgroup/TutorABC out of China.
I teach English online to students in China, Taiwan, and Japan.

I’ve been experiencing some connection issues with your Washington DC server.

The connection issues occur when doing a tracert test to these IP's:

 My IP address is:

My email address is: andreasmmns at yahoo.com / mkwphoto2 at yahoo.com

Whenever IT runs a trace route test, there is a time out. There are 6 other servers that I have to connect with, including some in Asia and here in the United States. The one in DC is the only one that I’m having problems with.
I ‘m not permitted to return to go back to work until I am able to connect to your server. Please help me with this issue. I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance,
Andrea Williams ( andreasmmns at yahoo.com) & Morris Williams (mkwphoto2 at yahoo.com)
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