[arin-tech-discuss] a proposal for changes to Reg-RWS

Brian Rak brak at gameservers.com
Mon Jun 29 09:54:39 EDT 2015

Well, I can tell you that  the "Find Networks Method" would not be 
terribly helpful for us.

Our process for keeping SWIP up to date looks something like this:

1) Obtain reassignment report
2) Obtain our internal list of what subnets we have active
3) For each item in the reassignment report, see if we have an active 
subnet.  If the information no longer matches, delete the SWIP entry.  
If we don't have a subnet, delete the SWIP entry.
4) For each subnet in our internal list, see if a SWIP entry exists (by 
checking the data returned by the reassignment report).  If not, issue a 

The proposed "Find Networks Method" only seems like it would help for 
error checking in step 4 (allowing us to verify the reassignment we're 
attempting doesn't conflict)

"Update Network Registrations Method" looks like it would be far more 
helpful to us.  It seems like the intent here is to allow us to just 
upload a big request with all of our registration data (and not have to 
worry about what's already there).  That definitely would eliminate a 
lot of the pain we have with the whole SWIP process.

On 6/15/2015 3:50 PM, Andy Newton wrote:
> All,
> Some months back there were discussions on this mailing list regarding the difficulty of using Reg-RWS. Here is what I wrote at the time:
> "So that we can address these issues, here is what I propose. I will create specification document outlining new methods and payloads for Reg-RWS, and I will send it to this list for discussion and to get your collective input. Once we have a document we agree will address these issues, it can be put forward as a request for ARIN implementation.”
> I am attaching a document that is the proposal as mentioned above. Your feedback on it would be greatly appreciated. And please note that this is just a proposal and not a commitment to change Reg-RWS.
> Thanks for you time and patience.
> Andy Newton,
> Chief Engineer, ARIN
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