[arin-tech-discuss] a proposal for changes to Reg-RWS

Andy Newton andy at arin.net
Mon Jun 15 15:50:17 EDT 2015


Some months back there were discussions on this mailing list regarding the difficulty of using Reg-RWS. Here is what I wrote at the time:

"So that we can address these issues, here is what I propose. I will create specification document outlining new methods and payloads for Reg-RWS, and I will send it to this list for discussion and to get your collective input. Once we have a document we agree will address these issues, it can be put forward as a request for ARIN implementation.”

I am attaching a document that is the proposal as mentioned above. Your feedback on it would be greatly appreciated. And please note that this is just a proposal and not a commitment to change Reg-RWS.

Thanks for you time and patience.

Andy Newton,
Chief Engineer, ARIN

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