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Two processes to IP Geolocation work.

1.) DNS - use LOC records.  This does work, if the entity doing the query honors this.  Step #2 may pick up from this.
2.) Email your location information to
        a. IP Intelligence Support [support-ipintel at neustar.biz]
        b. support at ip2location.com
        c. http://www.maxmind.com/en/correction

The above locations have an update cycle of

www.ip2location.com     1st of month
www.neustar.biz         whenever they feel like it seems sometimes twice a month
www.maxmind.com         Every Tuesday

Google uses the neustar.biz database for geolocation.


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On 6/15/2015 12:00 PM, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
Hi Jon, and All,

This isn't what he is asking.  He is asking:

"...We want to use geo-location to ensure
> our customers are routed locally to regional services like google etc
> rather than routed to the US....."

He cannot change SWIPs for his customers IP addresses.
I think you're confused here.  He very much does want the geo-ip for his IP space to be correct.  I'm pretty sure by customers he means "internal customers".

Otherwise, why would he be talking about Google?

> I am trying to find out the process to get regional IP address space  registered correctly for GEO location for our regional DMZ's across the globe within GM

The important parts there being "regional DMZ's" and "within GM"
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