[arin-tech-discuss] changes to Reg-RWS (was Re: why do I have error 400 bad request reuturned?)

Andy Newton andy at arin.net
Wed Nov 26 11:17:47 EST 2014

On Nov 25, 2014, at 12:38 PM, Brian Rak <brak at gameservers.com<mailto:brak at gameservers.com>> wrote:


Checking the start IP and end IP is not sufficient.

I've been down the path you're going.  The best solution I found is:

* Use /rest/report/reassignment/ROOT to get a list of all the reassignments for a particular network (it'll be in xls format, you need to convert it to something you can parse).
* Go through the list, issue DELETE's for any subnets that are not in your database
* Wait awhile (5-10 minutes)
* Go through and issue reassignments for any subnets that are new or that ARIN doesn't know about.

It's a large pain to get all the logic working correctly here, but if you don't do it you'll be running into overlaps and other errors forever.


I agree. What you have described is painful. And it is not the first time this has been pointed out.

Though a few suggestions have been made informally over the years, they’ve never reached much consensus and there has not been a request that ARIN implement them.

So that we can address these issues, here is what I propose. I will create specification document outlining new methods and payloads for Reg-RWS, and I will send it to this list for discussion and to get your collective input. Once we have a document we agree will address these issues, it can be put forward as a request for ARIN implementation.

Does this sound like a workable path forward?

Andy Newton,
Chief Engineer, ARIN
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