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Martin J. Levy martin at he.net
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If I may expand this somewhat; isn't this an issue with ALL the physical postal address fields?

Internationalization or support of weirds (IETF ICANN etc etc) seems the Globsl push. The state field is only part if this.


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On Nov 4, 2013, at 1:50 PM, Nate Davis <ndavis at arin.net> wrote:

> Team,
> Jason submitted this to the ARIN's Suggestion and Consultation Process.
> However, I believe this is the correct forum for the issue.  Can staff
> take a look at this and respond?
> I have asked Jason to subscribe to arin-tech-discuss in order to join the
> discussion on this matter.
> Thanks!
> 2013.25    Submitted11-01-2013 15:25:00
> Status    CONFIRMED
> Title    Suggestion
> Our automated systems recently attempted to pass "N/" as a "State" field
> for a registration to a London, UK address.  The API returned a 500 error,
> E_UNSPECIFIED, rather than returning 400/E_ENTITY_VALIDATION, or something
> more explanatory.  This temporarily led us to believe it was a problem
> with the service rather than a problem with the data.
> Timeframe    Immediate
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> <http://msd.arin.net/suggestion/edit?suggestion_id=301>
> Submitter Information
> Name    Jason Rodriguez
> Org Name    SoftLayer
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