[arin-tech-discuss] Issue raised by community member

Nate Davis ndavis at arin.net
Mon Nov 4 08:50:25 EST 2013


Jason submitted this to the ARIN's Suggestion and Consultation Process.
However, I believe this is the correct forum for the issue.  Can staff
take a look at this and respond?

I have asked Jason to subscribe to arin-tech-discuss in order to join the
discussion on this matter.


2013.25	Submitted11-01-2013 15:25:00
Title	Suggestion
Our automated systems recently attempted to pass "N/" as a "State" field
for a registration to a London, UK address.  The API returned a 500 error,
E_UNSPECIFIED, rather than returning 400/E_ENTITY_VALIDATION, or something
more explanatory.  This temporarily led us to believe it was a problem
with the service rather than a problem with the data.
Timeframe	Immediate
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Submitter Information
Name	Jason Rodriguez
Org Name	SoftLayer

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