[arin-tech-discuss] Multiple simple reassigns to a single customer?

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Yuck.. The solution is to either generate multiple reassign simple records with no way to tie the 'organization'/customer to other records - or for everybody to generate separate "Real OrgIDs" and you have the same problem.. Of not being able to easily correlate records for the same company.

Wouldn't it be ideal to have companies obtain a single org id from ARIN - with ARIN doing some checking to see if they already have an ORG ID - and then the company gives that ORG id to their provider.  I don't think this is any more outrageous than requesting companies provide their TIN when they request resources from ARIN.


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Hello Aaron,

Customer org records may only have one reassignment. Why?
It's a database constraint from the Whois model that's been in use since 2002.  With the recent development of ARIN's RESTful API, there are opportunities for us to re-work the database schema to allow multiple assignments to customer org records -- opportunities which didn't exist prior to March 2011.  The staff here would like to make that happen. Such a change, however, is major in scope, and is expensive. It is not presently on the schedule of software development.  It is our hope we will perform this change in the future.

Process-wise, there are two methods I can think of:

- if you're using simple reassignments, then you create a customer org record every time you reassign a distinct block of IP addresses.

- if you're planning on multiple assignments to the same customer, you have the option of using the CREATE RECIPIENT ORG method, and doing a detailed reassignment to the OrgID.  Real OrgIDs can have an unlimited number of IP address blocks and AS numbers.



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On 9/16/11 1:25 PM, "Aaron Hughes" <aaronh at bind.com> wrote:

I thought the process was:
1) Create a customer record
2) reassign simple
if additional assignments needed:
	1) select stored arin_cust_id
	2) reassign to same arin_cust_id

But.. This is the response I get from the server when I attempt to simple reassign a second block:

What is the expected behavior and process?


    [additionalInfo] => SimpleXMLElement Object

    [components] => SimpleXMLElement Object
            [component] => SimpleXMLElement Object
                    [message] => This customer organization already has a network assigned to it. You may only sub-delegate one simple reassignment per customer organization.
                    [name] => customerHandle


    [message] => Payload entity failed to validate; see component messages for details.


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