[arin-tech-discuss] Multiple simple reassigns to a single customer?

David Huberman dhuberma at arin.net
Fri Sep 16 13:36:29 EDT 2011

Hello Aaron,

Customer org records may only have one reassignment. Why?
It's a database constraint from the Whois model that's
been in use since 2002.  With the recent development of
ARIN's RESTful API, there are opportunities for us to
re-work the database schema to allow multiple assignments
to customer org records -- opportunities which didn't
exist prior to March 2011.  The staff here would like to
make that happen. Such a change, however, is major in
scope, and is expensive. It is not presently on the
schedule of software development.  It is our hope we will
perform this change in the future.

Process-wise, there are two methods I can think of:

- if you're using simple reassignments, then you create
a customer org record every time you reassign a distinct
block of IP addresses.

- if you're planning on multiple assignments to the same
customer, you have the option of using the CREATE
RECIPIENT ORG method, and doing a detailed reassignment
to the OrgID.  Real OrgIDs can have an unlimited number
of IP address blocks and AS numbers.



David R Huberman
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On 9/16/11 1:25 PM, "Aaron Hughes" <aaronh at bind.com> wrote:

I thought the process was:
1) Create a customer record
2) reassign simple
if additional assignments needed:
	1) select stored arin_cust_id
	2) reassign to same arin_cust_id

But.. This is the response I get from the server when I attempt to simple
reassign a second block:

What is the expected behavior and process?


    [additionalInfo] => SimpleXMLElement Object

    [components] => SimpleXMLElement Object
            [component] => SimpleXMLElement Object
                    [message] => This customer organization already has a
network assigned to it. You may only sub-delegate one simple reassignment
per customer organization.
                    [name] => customerHandle


    [message] => Payload entity failed to validate; see component messages
for details.


Aaron Hughes 
aaronh at bind.com
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