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Hello Richey,

To modify an existing aut-num, you send the entire updated aut-num template to rr at arin.net<mailto:rr at arin.net>.  The new object will overwrite the old one.

Note that ARIN recently deployed new IRR software.  The new software adds enhanced authentication methods like MD5 password and PGP.  However, the new software didn't natively support mail-from authentication, which was the only authentication method previously supported by ARIN.  We added some basic mail-from authentication support for backwards compatibility, but regular expressions are no longer supported, and your mail-from field must exactly match your auth: field to be processed.  If you get an authentication error when submitting your aut-num object, please contact me directly so I can assist you in migrating your mntner object to one of the more secure authentication methods supported by our new software.

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns please respond to this message or contact me directly.


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ARIN Registration Services
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It's been a while since I've had to do this so I wanted to make sure this was the correct way to do this.  I am currently announcing my space to two ASNs, let's say AS23 and AS24.  I want to drop AS24 and replace them with AS25.  When I go to update the aut_num template do I resubmit the same fields as before with the exception of listing AS25 in place of AS24?  I.E. resubmit everything I did before like address ASN or do resubmit with just the fields I want to change?    Does submitting a new aut_num template override everything in the last one or just the fields submitted?

If I am just replacing one AS with another AS do I have to submit anything else?


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