[ARIN-Suggestions] Two new ACSP Suggestions

ARIN info at arin.net
Wed Nov 20 15:06:29 EST 2019

On 19 November, we received  two new suggestions, numbered 2019.21 and 
2019.22 upon confirmed
receipt. Staff is reviewing these suggestions and will issue formal 
responses once analysis is complete.

The full text of the suggestions may be found below or at the 
corresponding urls.

2019.21: Invoice Improvement


Description: ARIN should make its invoice process more compatible with 
Safari Credit Card Autofill

Value to Community: Easier to pay invoices


2019.22: Alternative to reCaptcha



Description: ARIN should stop using it’s customers as free labor to 
train Google’s AI

Value to Community:

This is even worse than the traditional model of “if you’re not paying, 
you’re the product.” Googles reCAPTCHA means that end-users of web sites 
which use it have no choice but to participate in training Google’s AI 
systems without compensation.

ARIN should provide a viable alternative (such as returning to the 
traditional math problem solution previously employed) rather than 
subsidize Google in this manner.



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