[ARIN-Suggestions] NEW ACSP 2018.19: ARIN Online Improvements for Display of POCs and OrgIDs

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Mon Aug 6 15:41:23 EDT 2018

On 6 August we received a new suggestion, numbered 2018.19 upon
confirmed receipt, requesting improved functionality to viewing and
updating POCs and Org IDs in ARIN Online.


Description: Show my orphaned POCs and OrgIds. Show my non-validated POCs.

For a given ARIN Online Web account, find:

     *  all linked POCs
     * all associated orgIds
     * all POCs of associated OrgIDs
     * all POCs of resources held by associated OrgIDs

Report which POCs are not validated Report which POCs are orphaned
Report which OrgIds are orphaned

Provide a button to review and validate POCs.

Provide a button to review orphaned POCs and OrgIDs and request their
removal or continuance.

Removal requests should be held for some time and if no other linked
accounts contradicts the request, should then be removed.

Value to Community: Will help to highlight the problem of out of date
records in the public registry.

Will draw attention to the out of date problem to the parties
responsible who can help to clean it up.

Will support policy changes that aim to clean up the public database.


We will be issuing our response to this suggestion soon.


Communications and Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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