[ARIN-Suggestions] NEW ACSP 2018.18: Make Whowas Reports Viewable in ARIN Online

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Fri Aug 3 11:24:52 EDT 2018

On 3 August we received a new suggestion, numbered 2018.18 upon
confirmed receipt, requesting that ARIN make Whowas reports viewable in
ARIN Online. This suggestion is in review and we will issue a response
as soon as it is available.

ACSP Suggestion 2018.18: Make Whowas Reports Viewable in ARIN Online


Description: Make Whowas reports viewable in ARIN online

For example, create a page to display the report where each existing TSV
file name would be represented by a selectable TAB at the top and each
TAB would contain the TSV data represented as a simple HTML table.

Alternatively simply create a single page with a series of tables for
the user to scroll through.

Ideally allow the user to select which of the above formats of report is

Value to Community: While a ZIP file full of TSVs might be a useful
format for programatic processing by bulk users of whowas, it's not a
particularly wonderful format for humans doing occasional research.


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