[ARIN-Suggestions] Four New ACSP Suggestions

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Thu Apr 19 14:33:49 EDT 2018

During the ARIN 41 Public Policy and Members, we received four new
suggestions through the ACSP.

1. 2018.7: Improve POC Validation Functionality


Description: Allow POCs to validate all direct resource POCs for a
related organization

A point of contact (POC) which is associated with an organization should
be able to quickly review and validate all the POCs for directly
assigned or allocated records for an organization.

Note: This requested features should only be applied to directly
assigned or allocated resource records.

Value to Community: This improvement in ARIN Online would allow an
authorized user of an to confirm the accuracy of all of the POCs
associated with the directly allocated or assigned resources. This
should hopefully improve the number of validated POCs since this will
allow someone to easily validate multiple POCs. Today many POC records
may not be formally validated because the email address associated with
the record may be sent to a role or automated response system where the
validation email cannot be easily obtained for validation.

2. 2018.8: Improve List Display in ARIN Online


Description: Owen's button to display all as a single list.

Please implement this any time you have pages, not just that one
transfer page.

It would be helpful to me when displaying my orgIDs, or all the
resources of a given org, etc.

better yet would be a setting in my account to default to it.

Value to Community: leads to a more usable website.

3. 2018.9: Allow User Default Settings in ARIN Online


Description: When adding number of results per page functionality to
ARIN online, please include the ability to set/modify a persistent
site-wide user preference for this value. Consider allowing separate
preferences for mobile vs. other browsers.

Value to Community: This allows each user to express their preferred
default number of results per page vs. having to constantly reset it for
every list result at runtime.

4. 2018.10: Associate Ask ARIN tickets with OrgID


Description: OrgID specific "Ask ARIN"

can I open an "Ask ARIN" ticket and from the start associate it to an
OrgID that I hold?

Value to Community: This will allow visibility of the ticket to all at
the org who should have access to it.

We will evaluate each of these suggestions and issue a response in the
coming weeks.


Communications and Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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