[ARIN-Suggestions] ACSP Suggestion 2017.3: Allow Multiple Primary Billing Contacts [NEW]

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Mon Feb 13 13:08:03 EST 2017

On 10 February, ARIN received a new suggestion to the ACSP.

ACSP Suggestion 2017.3: Allow Multiple Primary Billing Contacts [NEW]

Description: Support for Billing role email or multiple primary Billing 

Organizations sometimes have a billing role email, that goes to multiple 
people or for automated submission to a billing work queue. ARIN only 
allows one primary Billing contact and then secondary contacts that are 
contacted only on failure of the primary contact. It would be helpful to 
allow multiple primary billing contacts or the ability to list 
additional emails associated with the primary named billing contact that 
would get initial invoice emails at the same time as the named primary 

Value to Community: Proving flexibility in how an organization receives 
invoices would help ensure prompt payment of invoices, which is in both 
ARIN's and the community's interest.

We are currently reviewing this suggestion and preparing an official


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