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Wed Oct 25 11:36:50 EDT 2023

In accordance with the Policy Development Process (PDP), the Advisory Council met on 20 October 2023.


The AC has advanced the following to Recommended Draft Policy status (will be posted separately for discussion):


* ARIN-2023-5: Clean-up of NRPM Sections 4.3.4, 4.4, 4.10 and 6.10.1


The AC advances Draft Policies to Recommended Draft Policy status once they have been fully developed and meet ARIN's Principles of Internet Number Resource Policy. Specifically, these principles are:


* Enabling Fair and Impartial Number Resource Administration

* Technically Sound

* Supported by the Community




The AC has abandoned the following:


* ARIN-2023-3: Amendment of the waitlist agreement to include a restriction on leasing 


The AC issued the following statement:


“The ARIN Advisory Council has abandoned Draft Policy ARIN 2023-3: “Amendment of the Waitlist Agreement to Include a Restriction on Leasing” on the basis it cannot address the problem statement as constructed because:


(1) The amount of time it takes to obtain number resources from Waitlist is very long and increasing, and the quantity of resources obtainable via the Waitlist through such a request is small, accordingly, there is very little incentive for parties to get on the Waitlist for the purpose of leasing space and as such, unlikely to result in abuse of the Waitlist policy;


(2) Based on the difficulty that other RIRs have had in defining “leasing” for the purpose of imposing proposed associated restrictions, it is unlikely that the ARIN community can reach consensus on a functional definition of “leasing” for the purpose of imposing a similar restriction in the ARIN region; and


(3) To the extent that leased resources do not show up in a registry of ARIN, there would be no way for ARIN to impose or enforce a leasing restriction, making the policy non-operative.”


Anyone dissatisfied with this decision may initiate a petition. The deadline to begin a petition will be seven days after the AC's draft meeting minutes are published.




The AC is continuing to work on:


Draft Policies:


* ARIN-2022-12: Direct Assignment Language Update

* ARIN-2023-1: Retire Slow Start

* ARIN-2023-2: /26 initial IPv4 allocation for IXPs 

* ARIN-2023-4: Modernization of Registration Requirements

* ARIN-2023-6: ARIN Waitlist Qualification

* ARIN-2023-7: Clarification of NRPM Sections 4.5 and 6.11 Multiple Discrete Networks and the addition of new Section 2.18 Organizational Identifier (Org ID)



The PDP can be found at:



Draft Policies and Proposals under discussion can be found at:





Eddie Diego

Policy Analyst

American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)


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