[arin-ppml] RPKI for Reallocations

Fernando Frediani fhfrediani at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 14:24:37 EDT 2023

I don't think this should be allowed to happen. ROAs are to be created 
by organizations who receive the allocation from the RIR as ultimatelly 
they remain responsible for that IP space. If they have allocated a 
block to a customer they should be the ones responsible for creating any 
ROAs they need for that IP space (in fact ideally they should create for 
the whole IP space anyway).


On 23/06/2023 13:20, Richard Laager wrote:
> It is my understanding that the downstream Org cannot create RPKI ROAs 
> for Reallocated IP Networks. For example, is reallocated 
> to me (OrgID WIKSTR-1), but I cannot make a ROA for it.
> This is obviously suboptimal for adopting RPKI.
> Is this something that we could fix with Policy development, or do I 
> need to bark up some other tree?
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