[arin-ppml] how to get a v6 /32 of v4 address space

william manning chinese.apricot at gmail.com
Sat May 18 23:53:57 EDT 2019

ok, so you don't like the "use" proposal. fine.
RFC 1918 space is too small.  fine.
IPv6 is too hard. fine.

Shortly after discussions started on RF 1918, I proposed the following:

Since NAT exists, direct peering on a global scale will be fairly
restrictive, one should consider inverting RFC 1918.  Use those addresses
strictly and only for global interconnection/peering.

This would free up all other IPv4 space to sit behind your NAT and usable
in your enterprise networks.  Thats almost an entire IPv6 /32 of space for
everyone, without having to migrate to IPv6.

Problem solved.

Your welcome.

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