[arin-ppml] 2011-7 Status

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Feb 28 04:08:56 EST 2012

The feedback from the community so far on this proposal has actually been in favor of the AC continuing to work on it.

A small minority of the AC cannot keep a propsal alive. It only takes 8 AC members at any point to pass a motion to abandon a draft policy. (A simple majority of quorum will do for anything that is not yet a draft policy.)

As such, I have trouble reconciling the actual reality with statements by my colleague earlier on this list.

2011-7 as revised based on community feedback is slated for discussion in Vancouver. I encourage people who have an interest in this policy, whether in favor or in opposition to make their opinions known on this list. There is still time to incorporate community feedback into revisions to the draft policy before taking it to Vancouver.


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