[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-133: No Volunteer Services on Behalf of Unaffiliated Address Blocks

John Santos JOHN at egh.com
Tue Feb 15 17:50:50 EST 2011

I am in the exact same situation as Eric.  Legacy /24, no RSA nor LRSA,
not really clear on the exact obligations and restrictions on my
original assignment, but I have a pretty clear sense of what was
expected, including maintaining current POC, WHOIS and RDNS info,
and that the assignment was for use, not a windfall that I could just
sell to someone else if I didn't need it any more.

I was looking for my original letter fron Network Solutions yesterday,
couldn't find it.  Did find my original application, though, and it
was pretty vague.

John Santos
Evans Griffiths & Hart, Inc.
781-861-0670 ext 539

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