[arin-ppml] inevitability of NAT?

Scott Helms khelms at zcorum.com
Thu Feb 10 09:47:29 EST 2011


     If you look further down you'll see that the OP's problem was bad 
firmware on a $12 router.  Having said that there are some ports that 
are needed for voice chat which does seem to have a peer to peer 
component.  I also run gaming servers for my own enjoyment (TF2 
currently and many others in the past) and the days of hosting your own 
$fps_game server are generally past and very much outside of the public 
norm even for PC gaming.  While you can do that the vast majority of the 
gaming hours today are spent on servers hosted by companies like Nuclear 
Fallot, Branzone, and a host of others.  I do miss the days of Quake but 
home hosted game servers are a dying (but not completely dead) breed.

On 2/9/2011 6:02 PM, Jack Bates wrote:
> On 2/9/2011 4:53 PM, Scott Helms wrote:
>> Playstation Network works, by design, flawlessly through NAT and is
>> _not_ a peer to peer application. All traffic goes to the PSN servers
>> and then to clients. Go2MyPC is designed for NAT and in fact one could
>> argue that it wouldn't exist if NAT weren't wide spread.
> Errr, are you sure?
> http://www.absolute-playstation.com/playstation-network/expert-playstation-3-hardware-accessory-help-playstation3-ps3-console/10976-nat-3-nat-2-a.html 
> "Re: nat 3 to nat 2
> I tried all the router suggestions and still got nat 3. after much 
> frustration I called my ISP. Do this. Ask if your IP address is 
> private or public. My ISP sets u up as private. I had them change it 
> to public...BINGO Nat 2. Hope this helps."
> If you read above, it appears that his ISP ran NAT444 normally, which 
> the PS3 categorizes as nat 3, which means he can't reach COD. Dude, 
> customers MUST reach COD. :)
> Jack

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