[arin-ppml] ARIN IPv4 Number Resource Inventory (was: PP 124 Preliminary Info)

Bill Sandiford bill at telnetcommunications.com
Thu Dec 30 19:50:52 EST 2010


Do we know what ARIN's current IPv4 issue rate is?


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> > I'd like to request that the ARIN staff please provide an accurate
> > condition of current inventory including all address space, reserves,
> > holds, etc.
> As of today, ARIN's total IPv4 address inventory consists of the
> following number resources:
>   At present, there are currently 3.32 /8s that are available for ARIN
>   to issue out of. Note that ARIN no longer makes internal reservations
>   of adjacent IPv4 space to facilitate aggregation future requests, and
>   existing reservations of that type have been released back into the
>   available pool and is accounted for in the 3.32 /8s listed above.
>   Additionally, there are currently 0.07 /8s of IPv4 address space that
>   are in revoked/returned/reclaimed status which will become available
>   for ARIN to assign from over the next 6 months as their release dates
>   come up.
>   Additionally, there are approximately 1.53 /8s of legacy IPv4 address
>   space (formerly designated as the "various registry" space on the
>   registry page) that are about to become available ARIN to issue from.
>   These address blocks had been held for several years pending final
>   agreement amongst the 5 RIRs, but the list has been finalized and the
>   space is becoming available for issue momentarily.
> The sum total of the about IPv4 space that should be considered
> available
> going forward for resource requests is 4.92 /8s of IPv4 address space.
> Note also that ARIN is also holding space (254 of 256 from one /8)
> which
> was returned by INTEROP.  Per our existing practices, this space was
> placed in temporary holddown before reuse, and it to be released from
> its 6 month hold status on May 22, 2011. As it is quite possible that
> this space will be returned to the IANA, it has not been counted as
> part of ARIN's available inventory for issue in the numbers above.
> I hope this information provides clarity regarding ARIN's IPv4 number
> resource inventory; it is our plans to have this information maintained
> online and current starting in early 2011.
> Happy Holidays!
> /John
> John Curran
> President and CEO
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