[arin-ppml] Props. 122 + 123 process?

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Wed Dec 1 23:10:10 EST 2010

On 12/1/10 20:48 CST, Hannigan, Martin wrote:
> On 11/30/10 6:41 PM, "David Farmer"<farmer at umn.edu>  wrote:
>> But, on the other side what do you perceive the harm would be to of
>> allowing 4.10 to be implemented as it is?  Or, will be if we fail to
>> come to a consensus to fix it.
> What's the harm in not calling an ambulance for a heart attack victim
> because no-one can agree which ambulance service to call?

Why the hyperbole?  I'm simply want the record to contain a discussion 
of why this is an emergency.  People will be looking over our shoulders 
soon.  I would like them to find a community that make well reasoned 
decisions following an open bottom up process.

>> I would like to see a clear and significant (more than just the usual
>> suspects) consensus that the community both supports these policies and
>> more importantly that the community supports the use of the emergency
>> policy process regarding these policies.  It needs to be clear to any
>> third-party who reviews PPML at some future date, maybe as few as a
>> couple months from now what the communities consensus was.
> The sound of crickets on ppml should not be the sound of inaction by the AC.
> Many policies are met with crickets on PPML and pass resoundingly at the
> policy meeting. If the AC is going to be followers then I suggest that you
> all stop writing and pushing your own proposals.

I'm fine with crickets on PPML when we are following the normal policy 
process, but you are suggesting this policy should follow the emergency 
policy process. In that case I don't think crickets on PPML is a good 
thing.  It is not my intent to follow, I'm trying be a leader by 
facilitate a conversation and attempting to cajole members of the 
community to express their opinions on an important issue.  It is my 
understanding this is something that AC members are suppose to do, it is 
one of the many ways that AC members fulfill their leadership role 
within the community.

Do you see the AC's role differently?

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