[arin-ppml] Props. 122 + 123 process?

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Wed Dec 1 22:05:47 EST 2010

On Dec 1, 2010, at 6:48 PM, Hannigan, Martin wrote:

> On 11/30/10 6:41 PM, "David Farmer" <farmer at umn.edu> wrote:
>> On 11/30/10 15:54 CST, Owen DeLong wrote:
>>> On Nov 30, 2010, at 1:39 PM, Hannigan, Martin wrote:
>>>> On 11/30/10 2:09 PM, "David Farmer"<farmer at umn.edu>  wrote:
>>>>> On 11/30/10 09:44 CST, Hannigan, Martin wrote:
>>>>> ...
> [ snip ]
>> But, on the other side what do you perceive the harm would be to of
>> allowing 4.10 to be implemented as it is?  Or, will be if we fail to
>> come to a consensus to fix it.
> What's the harm in not calling an ambulance for a heart attack victim
> because no-one can agree which ambulance service to call?
Ah, the joys of FUD. I don't think you even have agreement that the
patient is diaphoretic, let alone suffering chest pain, an impaired
pulse, blood pressure abnormalities, or any of the other key
symptoms of a heart attack.

We can probably all agree that the patient is not in perfect health,
but, the current state is somewhere between a case of the sniffles
and a stroke, depending on your point of view.

An equally important question is what is the harm in calling an
ambulance for a case of the sniffles. The answer is that it prevents
the ambulance from responding to the heart attack down the
street, _AND_ it is expensive for the person with the sniffles.

> [ clip ]
>> I would like to see a clear and significant (more than just the usual
>> suspects) consensus that the community both supports these policies and
>> more importantly that the community supports the use of the emergency
>> policy process regarding these policies.  It needs to be clear to any
>> third-party who reviews PPML at some future date, maybe as few as a
>> couple months from now what the communities consensus was.
> The sound of crickets on ppml should not be the sound of inaction by the AC.

Ah, something we can actually agree on. (sort of)

> Many policies are met with crickets on PPML and pass resoundingly at the
> policy meeting. If the AC is going to be followers then I suggest that you
> all stop writing and pushing your own proposals.
And I will be very interested to see what level of support these proposals
receive at the meeting.

Refusing to take emergency action without a clear need or a mandate
from the community is not followship. It's prudent leadership. The AC
is not a dictatorial body. We are a collection of subject matter experts
that have a clear mandate to include community consensus as an
aspect of our decisions to enact policy. For a policy that isn't being
discussed in any public forum other than PPML, the sound of
crickets on PPML establishes a lack of consensus.

As to whether the AC should be writing policies, I think you are
sadly misguided there. In my experience, we don't simply push
policies based on our own perceptions or needs. We spend a
great deal of time talking to community members and soliciting
information from them on areas where current policy is proving
to be problematic, then we write proposals to correct those


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