[arin-ppml] 2010-8: Rework of IPv6 assignment criteria

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Sat Aug 21 17:09:05 EDT 2010

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On Aug 21, 2010, at 10:09 AM, Brett Frankenberger <rbf+arin-ppml at panix.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 04:25:14PM -0500, David Farmer wrote:
>> The following is a major rewrite of 2010-8: Rework of IPv6 assignment  
>> criteria, based on input received at the last ARIN meeting and other  
>> discussions;  I'm interested in feedback
> What is the definition of site?  Any building/campus in the network? 
I think that is as good a definition as any.

> For example, is every large (1501 stores or more) retail company in the
> ARIN region entitled to a /32?  They'd all meet requirement
> below; most or all would meet, so that gets them in the door
> for an IPv6 assignmnet of some size.  Then, if they have at least 1501
> stores, is each one a site. for the purposes of entitling them to a /48
> for each?  (Obviosuly they don't need that and might not request that. 
> But if they did, the policy below would seem to allow it.  Assuming
> they're allowed to define each store as a site.)
I'm not sure they should get a /32 for 1501 sites, but giving each site a /48 makes a lot of sense to me. The current numbers in the proposal are based on 0.94 HD ratio. I am not convinced that is the right metric, but I'm not convinced it is wrong.

> This isn't necessarily a problem -- IPv6 space isn't scarce the way
> IPv4 is -- I'm just asking what you intended the definition of "site"
> to be.
Correct. It is definitely not a problem. My tendency would be to lean towards a next nibble boundary if you use enough /48s for 3/4 of the lower one. E.g. 12 sites would get a /40 instead of a /44, 192 to get a /36, etc.

Numbering every building on the planet like this, twice, would still barely make a perceptible dent in IPv6 address space.


>> -------------
> [ Lot sof snippage in what follows ]
>> 6.5.8. Direct assignments from ARIN to end-user organizations
>> Criteria
>> a. Having a previously justified IPv4 end-user assignment from ARIN or  
>> one of its predecessor registries, or;
>> c. By having a network consisting of a total of 1000 or more hosts, or;
>> Initial assignment size
>> Organizations that meet at least one of the initial assignment criteria  
>> above are eligible to receive a minimum assignment of /48. Requests for  
>> larger initial assignments, reasonably justified with supporting  
>> documentation, will be evaluated based on the number of sites and the  
>> number of subnets needed to support a site.
>> Organizations may request up to a /48 for each site in their network. If  
>> an organization elects for smaller prefixes for some sites, these will  
>> be aggregated into an equivalent number of whole /48 prefixes.
>> One and only one /48 equivalent justified, receives a /48 initial  
>> assignment;
>> More than 1 but less than or equal to 10 /48 equivalents justified,  
>> receives a /44 initial assignment;
>> More than 10 but less than or equal to 100 /48 equivalents justified,  
>> receives a /40 initial assignment;
>> More than 100 but less than or equal to 1,500 /48 equivalents justified,  
>> receives a /36 initial assignment;
>> More than 1,500 /48 equivalents justified, receives a /32 initial  
>> assignment or larger.
>     -- Brett
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