[arin-ppml] 2010-8: Rework of IPv6 assignment criteria

Joel Jaeggli joelja at bogus.com
Sat Aug 21 14:43:45 EDT 2010

On 8/21/10 10:09 AM, Brett Frankenberger wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 04:25:14PM -0500, David Farmer wrote:
>> The following is a major rewrite of 2010-8: Rework of IPv6 assignment  
>> criteria, based on input received at the last ARIN meeting and other  
>> discussions;  I'm interested in feedback
> What is the definition of site?  Any building/campus in the network? 
> For example, is every large (1501 stores or more) retail company in the
> ARIN region entitled to a /32? 

A company like (sorry I'm just picking an entity with a fairly large ip
network and a lot of retail outlets) office depot may well consider
itslef an LIR in ipv6 and might therefore not apply under 6.5.8 at all
e.g. 6.5.1... Although  the direct assignment policy had not been
estalished in 2001, nokia certainly considered itself an LIR for the
purposes of it's /32 allocation.

> They'd all meet requirement
> below; most or all would meet, so that gets them in the door
> for an IPv6 assignmnet of some size.  Then, if they have at least 1501
> stores, is each one a site. for the purposes of entitling them to a /48
> for each?  (Obviosuly they don't need that and might not request that. 
> But if they did, the policy below would seem to allow it.  Assuming
> they're allowed to define each store as a site.)
> This isn't necessarily a problem -- IPv6 space isn't scarce the way
> IPv4 is -- I'm just asking what you intended the definition of "site"
> to be.
>> -------------
> [ Lot sof snippage in what follows ]
>> 6.5.8. Direct assignments from ARIN to end-user organizations
>> Criteria
>> a. Having a previously justified IPv4 end-user assignment from ARIN or  
>> one of its predecessor registries, or;
>> c. By having a network consisting of a total of 1000 or more hosts, or;
>> Initial assignment size
>> Organizations that meet at least one of the initial assignment criteria  
>> above are eligible to receive a minimum assignment of /48. Requests for  
>> larger initial assignments, reasonably justified with supporting  
>> documentation, will be evaluated based on the number of sites and the  
>> number of subnets needed to support a site.
>> Organizations may request up to a /48 for each site in their network. If  
>> an organization elects for smaller prefixes for some sites, these will  
>> be aggregated into an equivalent number of whole /48 prefixes.
>> One and only one /48 equivalent justified, receives a /48 initial  
>> assignment;
>> More than 1 but less than or equal to 10 /48 equivalents justified,  
>> receives a /44 initial assignment;
>> More than 10 but less than or equal to 100 /48 equivalents justified,  
>> receives a /40 initial assignment;
>> More than 100 but less than or equal to 1,500 /48 equivalents justified,  
>> receives a /36 initial assignment;
>> More than 1,500 /48 equivalents justified, receives a /32 initial  
>> assignment or larger.
>      -- Brett
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