[arin-ppml] Atlanta meeting -- Fellowship Program

Steve Bertrand steve at ipv6canada.com
Thu Aug 19 21:21:41 EDT 2010

On 2010.08.19 19:53, Steve Bertrand wrote:
> This post is designed for -discuss, but I thought I'd get more exposure
> here.

I apologize for repeatedly responding to myself, but it's the only
medium I have to reply to numerous off-list questions in one fell-swoop,
while I get caught up with other issues. This'll be the last post...

Being a person from a small org that doesn't get much exposure to the
big world, I know:

a) people in Canada that are going to Atlanta

b) people in Canada who don't give a rats ass about IP addressing, IPv6,
or anything of the like.

Hence, I truthfully and regrettably don't have anybody that I would
*personally* recommend for this wonderful opportunity.

Even my colleagues, as in-tune and awesome as they are for what they do,
just wouldn't fit the bill. Nobody I know has the interest...


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