[arin-ppml] Atlanta meeting -- Fellowship Program

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Fri Aug 20 10:58:30 EDT 2010

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Bertrand <steve at ipv6canada.com> writes:
    Steve> This post is designed for -discuss, but I thought I'd get
    Steve> more exposure here.

    Steve> iiuc, The Fellowship Program has been extended until
    Steve> tomorrow, 2010-08-20

    Steve> I learnt today that there has not been a *single* applicant
    Steve> for the program from within Canada. I must say that I am
    Steve> quite disappointed in my fellow citizens.

But, maybe there just isn't anyone who:

1) have not previously been to an ARIN meeting
2) is an individual, or an employee of a company that otherwise wouldn't
   be able to afford the travel expenses otherwise
3) is actively involved.

As far as I can tell, you'd have to be a relatively young person (<35)
such that you'd not worked anywhere during the .com boom days, and you'd
have to be working for a small company.   While in 1990, when I started
building ISPs, everyone doing so was ~23... I don't think that there are
many people starting new ISPs today.

    Steve> There must be at least *one* company that has at least *one*
    Steve> staff member who is interested in going to the meeting _*all
    Steve> expenses paid*_, that wouldn't be able to afford it
    Steve> otherwise.

I'll forward your message to some people.

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