[arin-ppml] Atlanta meeting -- Fellowship Program

Steve Bertrand steve at ipv6canada.com
Thu Aug 19 20:45:10 EDT 2010

On 2010.08.19 19:53, Steve Bertrand wrote:
> This post is designed for -discuss, but I thought I'd get more exposure
> here.
> iiuc, The Fellowship Program has been extended until tomorrow, 2010-08-20
> I learnt today that there has not been a *single* applicant for the
> program from within Canada. I must say that I am quite disappointed in
> my fellow citizens.
> There must be at least *one* company that has at least *one* staff
> member who is interested in going to the meeting _*all expenses paid*_,
> that wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise.
> I was the Canadian Fellow last year, and it was an experience that I
> will never forget. At first, I was hesitant to apply, as I am someone
> who does not like 'freebies'. However, I submitted, and got accepted.
> I'm not going to say that the company I work for likely won't finance a
> trip this year... but what I can say, is that if nobody else within
> Canada steps up, I'd gladly take the honour of being the Fellow again,
> and be humble about taking ARIN's generosity.
> Come on, there has to be other people who work for small orgs in Canada
> that have the same level of interest, and the same financial constraints
> as I do.


I've had a couple people mail me off-list, and I want to clarify:

The objective of the Fellowship Program is to provide an opportunity for
ARIN members who:

- have not previously been to an ARIN meeting
- is an individual, or an employee of a company that otherwise wouldn't
be able to afford the travel expenses otherwise
- entice members who actively participate to step up to the plate, and
provide them an opportunity to meet face-to-face their fellow industry
colleagues (be that ops, legal, pr, senior execs, whatever)

I *know* that the Fellowship Program is for 'First Timers', and hence, I
wouldn't accept it again even if it were offered to me. My comment in my
OP was just that... a comment ;)

I truly felt like I was 'begging' when I applied, but after it was all
said and done and I was on my way back home, I did not regret a thing.

Apply Canadians, seriously. In less than four days, I met some of the
most intelligent, loyal, trustworthy people within our industry.

Even ARIN staff is willing to mingle. Before the ARIN meeting, the only
opportunity to meet with a CEO/President and the Chair of the Board was
in a serious, stressful meeting. Not with ARIN...


ps. ffs, damn me and my trying to save ARIN money by sending me to
Toronto. I should have saved my application for this:


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