[arin-ppml] IP Address Fee Structure Policy and the Right ofEducation

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Mon Nov 30 10:49:11 EST 2009

> IANA told me this is the right list for the goal we aim on, 
> getting an IP address from ARIN.
> If this mailing list would approve a policy change so that 
> educational institutions are eligible for free IP address 
> assignments, than there were no discussion on fees necessary 
> anymore (except for surcharges, etc.). The policy change 
> would have to define the term education 
> institution/organization and then this should full-fill all 
> the address assignment requirements for such a project GQHS 
> is planning.

OK, let's start with this draft text for a policy change:

Change the NRPM section Initial allocation criteria
by adding a paragraph e as follows:

e. or be a worthy educational institution as defined in 
   section 6.4.5.

And then let's add 6.4.5 as follows:

6.4.5 Worthy Educational Institions

ARIN will provide IPv6 PI allocations at no charge to any educational
institution at the secondary or post-secondary level, where the
instition is located in the ARIN region or carrying out network projects
with partners located in the ARIN region. 


IP networking has been around long enough that it has worked its way
into the educational system, and down the chain into secondary and
primary institutions. Given that around age 14, humans are intellectualy
capable of understanding the complexities of IP networking, the policy
proposal suggests that we restrict this to not include primary schools. 

Some may worry that this will cause a huge influx of PI allocations into
the default free zone, however I believe that the burdens of technical
competence and technical understanding required to make use of a PI
allocation, will limit uptake. Similarly, if a school does not have a
project that could benefit from a PI allocation, it would be easier and
cheaper to simply get a /48 from their upstream ISP.

OK, so that's some draft text that is not yet a formal proposal. I can
already see some issues with it, like the and/or logic of paragraph e.
and the fact that maybe it should go into the PI section of the policy.
But it's a start.

--Michael Dillon

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