[arin-ppml] Continuation: Policy Change Request: IP AddressAssignment to Educational and Non-Commercial Organizations

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Mon Nov 30 05:09:09 EST 2009

> We have partner schools in several US states. We plan to 
> create a program allowing us to share classroom resources and 
> to communicate directly.
> Unfortunately, our ISPs assign us dynamic IP addresses only 
> and thus they change every 24 hours.

Solution 1. Go and explain to your ISP about the project and
ask them to assign you a static IP address. 

Solution 2. Either rent a virtual server (VPS) with a static address or
find one of the U.S. schools who have a static address. Then, on the
network with dynamic addresses, configure a VPN tunnel to the site with
a static address. Use this to maintain connectivity to only the machines
which need to communicate with U.S. schools.

Solution 3. Use DNS names for all communications. Find a dynamic DNS
hosting service where you can register any changes in IP address so that
the domain name will always point to your single server. If a firewall
needs to be configured with IP addresses, then a script can poll the
dynamic DNS server to detect when the IP address changes, and
reconfigure the firewall.

--Michael Dillon

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