[arin-ppml] the Transfer Policy Argument Space

Lucy Lynch llynch at civil-tongue.net
Thu Sep 4 12:15:38 EDT 2008


Simple, elegant, in the spirit of the "old Internet", and
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On Thu, 4 Sep 2008, Bill Darte wrote:

> My personal opinion is:
> "The ARIN Board of Trustees on behalf of ARIN and the community at large
> requests that as a service to that community, holders of address space
> which is available to return, or which they are willing to make
> available for return, should do so at their earliest convenience.  On
> behalf of the community that will need these addresses as the industry
> transitions to IPv6, ARIN thanks you."
> bd
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>> Owen DeLong and Bill Darte said:
>>> ARIN should encourage entities with free space to return it.
>> What form should that encouragement take?
>> 1.  "The ARIN Board of Trustees encourages those entities
>> with free address space to return it to ARIN."
>> 2.  "The ARIN Board of Trustees offers one large, chewy
>> chocolate chip cookie to any entity with free address space
>> who returns it to ARIN."
>> 3.  ARIN reduces fees on remaining space.
>> 4.  ARIN offers publicity for those who return space.
>> 5.  ARIN offers prizes to those who return space.  What prizes?
>> 6.  ARIN offers cash to those who return space.  How much?
>> 7.  Fill in the blank _____________________
>> In case anyone sitting on big chunks of addresses is feeling
>> discouraged, I encourage you to return space to ARIN.
>> Not to be pessimistic, but I don't think there's enough
>> unused address space to matter, unless we also reduce the
>> rate at which we assign IPv4 address space.
>> Lee
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