[arin-ppml] the Transfer Policy Argument Space

Bill Darte BillD at cait.wustl.edu
Thu Sep 4 12:05:24 EDT 2008

My personal opinion is:

"The ARIN Board of Trustees on behalf of ARIN and the community at large
requests that as a service to that community, holders of address space
which is available to return, or which they are willing to make
available for return, should do so at their earliest convenience.  On
behalf of the community that will need these addresses as the industry
transitions to IPv6, ARIN thanks you."



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> Owen DeLong and Bill Darte said:
> > ARIN should encourage entities with free space to return it. 
> What form should that encouragement take?
> 1.  "The ARIN Board of Trustees encourages those entities 
> with free address space to return it to ARIN."
> 2.  "The ARIN Board of Trustees offers one large, chewy 
> chocolate chip cookie to any entity with free address space 
> who returns it to ARIN."
> 3.  ARIN reduces fees on remaining space.
> 4.  ARIN offers publicity for those who return space.
> 5.  ARIN offers prizes to those who return space.  What prizes?
> 6.  ARIN offers cash to those who return space.  How much?
> 7.  Fill in the blank _____________________
> In case anyone sitting on big chunks of addresses is feeling 
> discouraged, I encourage you to return space to ARIN.
> Not to be pessimistic, but I don't think there's enough 
> unused address space to matter, unless we also reduce the 
> rate at which we assign IPv4 address space.
> Lee

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