[arin-ppml] DFZ Table Size (was: the Transfer Policy Argument Space)

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Wed Sep 3 14:00:30 EDT 2008

This is on the verge of begin a discussion of the merits of the argument, it is 
an important discussion, but let's make it a separate thread please


On 3 Sep 2008 Paul Schopis wrote:

> John,
> Your number 4 resonates with me. I think I keep hearing arguments that
>  are self satisfying, ie gives "me" a strategic and/or economic 
> advantage. The perceived benefit can all be undone for many if not the
>  community at large by 'breaking" the basic function of that we are 
> trying to extend.
> David,
> Thanks for your proposal. It is down right rational.


> paul
> On Sep 3, 2008, at 9:48 AM, John Schnizlein wrote:
> > 4. How much burden on the routing infrastructure (DFZ) would be
> > produced by the de-aggregation that would result from a transfer
> > policy?  For example, is the constraint that transfers must be
> > within the space administered by a single RIR necessary?

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