[ppml] Markets, pricing, transparency, 2008-2 / 8.3.9

Jo Rhett jrhett at svcolo.com
Thu Mar 20 18:18:52 EDT 2008

On Mar 20, 2008, at 5:57 AM, Cliff Bedore wrote:
> What I was trying to do was get ARIN out of the listing/pricing  
> business
> part of 2008-2.

I have no problem with that.

> In a prior post, I also suggested removing some of the
> transfer time restrictions and prior approval requirements.  The  
> intent
> working to change to v6.  I think ARIN needs to allow for private
> transfers during this time frame but should only be involved in
> certifying the transfer, not the details of how the two (or more)
> parties got together

This is where you and I disagree.  2008-2 if I read it correctly  
requires the receiver to be able to justify the space required  
according to ARIN's guidelines.  In short, they could get space if  
ARIN had any to give them.

I don't agree at all with your idea of removing those restrictions.

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