[ppml] Markets, pricing, transparency, 2008-2 / 8.3.9

Jo Rhett jrhett at svcolo.com
Mon Mar 17 21:31:34 EDT 2008

On Mar 17, 2008, at 6:28 PM, Tom Vest wrote:
> I think you got it just about right. If we run out of address space  
> and ARIN decides to legitimize decentralized number resource  
> transfers, then trying to maintain any policies, or policy  
> processes or oversight of any kind would be madness. I agree with  
> you -- which is why I'm suggesting something entirely different  
> which, I believe, does not suffer from that same fatal flaw.

I don't agree with this statement.  And you've given no explanation  
for why you feel this wouldn't work, either.  Perhaps you should  
elaborate on your meaning of that.

And if you want to suggest something entirely different, provide a  
draft. (and change the subject line)

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