[ppml] 2008-2 IPv4 transfer policy

Cliff Bedore cliffb at cjbsys.bdb.com
Thu Mar 13 13:31:55 EDT 2008

> > I would propose that ARIN not be actively involved in 
> > providing lists of available addresses but only in approving 
> > transfers between private parties.  
> That's basically the system that we have now. One company acquires
> another and then tells ARIN what happened and asks permission to
> keep using the IP addresses. ARIN makes the decision along the same
> lines, more or less, as new allocations. 

I'm not saying buy the company to get the addresses, I'm saying buy the
right to use the addresses(the non-property thing).  I would see this happening
in a couple of ways.  

Company A needs more addresses.  They go to ARIN and ARIN says we don't have
any but if you can find a legitmate seller, you have demonstrated the need and
we'll approve the transfer (no resubmit of justification for n months, n to be

Company A needs more addresses.  Their network person mentions to Company B's
network person that they need some more address space.  Company B's network
guy says "we've got some we'd like to sell".  All the right people from
Companies A and B agree and A goes to ARIN and says we need X and Company B
has agreed to allow transfer.  ARIN reviews and either agrees or disagrees and
the deal proceeds from there.

ARIN would change its policy to add this method of address acquisition.  It
would be just another way for addresses to be provided but ARIN would not be
involved in the details of the "sale".  Again like the DMV issuing a valid


> If a company buys an address block on the grey market, and has a
> real use for it in a real network which they are building,
> I don't believe ARIN would deny any transfer under current
> policy. Of course, I'm assuming that the grey market deal
> is for the right size of block and that they purchaser
> doesn't tell ARIN until they are within days of going 
> live with their new network (or renumbering from PA space).
> --Michael Dillon
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