[arin-ppml] Q1 - ARIN address transferpolicy: whythetriggerdate?

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Tue Jun 24 12:58:27 EDT 2008

Kevin Kargel wrote:

> I strongly oppose any effort to create an artificial IP commodities
> market.  I know it is a philosophical stand and will draw many flames,
> but the Americans who most benefit from access to internet are the low
> to middle income groups, and adding even small charges to that access
> could take internet out of their grasp.  Anything we can do to prevent
> raising that cost will benefit society.  While we are all more
> comfortable than many families, please don't forget those who have to
> make hard decisions budgeting for residential information services.  

Which will raise costs to those groups more: denying their ISPs the 
ability to get new IPv4 addresses?  Or allowing them to make a choice of 
whether or not to get addresses on the transfer market?

If you're not sure, consider an analogy: which would it be better to 
tell a low-income family? "I'm sorry, gas is too scarce, so we stopped 
selling it here: you'll need to ride the bus." or "I'm sorry gas is so 
expensive: if it works better for you, you might want to consider riding 
the bus instead."


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