[arin-ppml] Q1 - ARIN address transferpolicy: whythetriggerdate?

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> From: "Robert E. Seastrom" <ppml at rs.seastrom.com>
>which is why i've been saying for the last couple of years that ARIN
needs to investigate a policy whereby at some date before some runout
>>milestone, new
>ipv4 is only available to those who can demonstrate that they will use
it on dual-stack public-facing networks.  i don't LIKE this idea, but >i
don't see any way to soften the impact between the internet community
and our brick wall otherwise.  (note, as before, this is a personal
>position, not an ARIN BoT position, and in particular, counsel has not
weighed in on its advisability.) 

I agree with the idea of requiring dual-stack if and when IPv6 is
readily available in the market.  At the present time my organization
does not have access to IPv6 except through tunneling.  Neither of my
upstream providers offer IPv6 in this area.  

I strongly oppose any effort to create an artificial IP commodities
market.  I know it is a philosophical stand and will draw many flames,
but the Americans who most benefit from access to internet are the low
to middle income groups, and adding even small charges to that access
could take internet out of their grasp.  Anything we can do to prevent
raising that cost will benefit society.  While we are all more
comfortable than many families, please don't forget those who have to
make hard decisions budgeting for residential information services.  

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