[arin-ppml] Q1 - ARIN address transfer policy: why the trigger date?

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Fri Jun 20 10:09:20 EDT 2008

Thanks, Scott, these are useful discussion points. see below


From: Scott Leibrand [mailto:sleibrand at internap.com]

>  - If addresses are still available "for free" from ARIN, then an
>argument has been made that the only people that would want to acquire
>addresses via transfer in advance of exhaustion would be organizations
>that don't qualify for space under current policy.

But the ARIN policy doesn't allow you to receive addresses via transfer if they think you don't qualify under current policy anyway. You have to "prequalify." See Section 8.3.2. (This I think will prove to be a fatal flaw in the policy but that goes to another question.) 

> - If, as in 2008-2, we allow the transfer of legacy class C's (/24s),
>then allowing people to start using the policy early would constitute an
>end run around the /22 limitation in the current PI policy.  In other
>words, organizations that wouldn't qualify to get PI space would be able
>to acquire it on the transfer market instead.

At first blush this doesn't strike me as an inherently bad thing. Can you tell me what harm it does? 

>The main counterarguments to waiting too long to start allowing
>transfers is that we'd like to work out the kinks in the system before
>exhaustion hits, and that getting started early allows the market to
>gradually settle on a price as volume gradually increases.

Another argument is that address blocks are pretty fungible, so if I get an address block from source A instead of ARIN, then ARIN has more to give out the traditional way. 

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