[arin-ppml] simple question about money

Howard, W. Lee Lee.Howard at stanleyassociates.com
Wed Jun 11 10:26:26 EDT 2008

Randy said:
> when ipv6 becomes needed for real business, folk from the 
> business side of the company will come walking over and 
> telling us that customers are complaining that they can not 
> get their mtv from those /48s.  

Fortunately, it's the same business folk who decide whether to 
spend money on bigger routers with CPUs that can handle the
churn.  If such devices (will) exist.

> and, in the meantime, we the incumbents use routing table 
> aggregation as a excuse for creating a barrier to entry.

I still don't see PA space as a barrier to "entry."  It can
be construed as a barrier to "exit" maybe, but only for the
very smallest providers.  Current PI policy (4.2.2) says /20 
for a single-homed or /22 for a multihomed ISP in IPv4, which 
is not very many customers.  In IPv6, it's "a plan for making 
200 end-site assignments...within 5 years."  

There may be a few ISPs without enough customers to justify
a PI assignment, and who also have an engineer capable of 
speaking BGP on staff, but I don't think the incumbents care
to prevent them from entering the market.


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