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> Until then, I think I speak for the silent majority when I 
> say that your conspiracy theories and bandying about of legal 
> terms freely, denigrating people who are generally respected 
> as good actors on the internet (and if you don't like that, 
> PROVE OTHERWISE! Making your case on PPML is great, but you 
> know what they say about arguing on the internet. Pick your 
> venue and go for it!) just weakens your case in the eyes of 
> the public, and make PPML look like a collection of bickering 
> adults in their mother's basements 

Dean is our Jeremiah Wright Jr.  I guess you must think history
has labeled the current US presidential campaign "a collection
of bickering adults in their mother's basements"

But, the general public knows the difference with that campaign,
and they do for Dean as well.

> wearing tinfoil hats. As 
> the glorious comic book I got last summer states: Who is 
> ARIN? YOU ARE! And frankly, I don't want history to see us in 
> this light. 

Don't assume the future will be populated by morons.  I'm insulted
by long dead historical figures who decided that I am a moron and
talked down to me.  The worst are the ones who explained life
using simplistic stories like this big old boat that had a lot of
animals in it that survived a flood, or this guy and girl that
ate an apple that a talking snake gave to them then decided that
nudity was a bad thing, etc. etc.


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