[arin-ppml] IPv6 in the Economist

Dean Anderson dean at av8.com
Fri Jun 6 11:43:19 EDT 2008

On Fri, 6 Jun 2008, Paul G. Timmins wrote:

> I was going to say the same about you. If you're angry, just sue someone
> already and get it over with. 

Lawyers are involved.  Members vote. Character matters.

> I tried to be neutral in this, 

You don't sound very neutral.

> but hearing months and months of conspiracy theories and

A theory that explains the evidence and is supported by hard facts.

> now some sort of push for OSI CLNS over IPv6 because of some "certain
> root operators want to keep their monopolies on anycast sales"
> (obviously a reference to the usual suspects you decry on a daily
> basis).

No, I'm pushing OSI CLNS over IPv6 because it will do the job better,
and its already implemented on just about every router. OSI is a 
practical alternative. The remaining work is acheivable.

By contrast, the root operator problems are additional problems of IPv6,
and relate to other, similar problems. They are not the only reason to
support OSI.

> Maybe we let these people run the root servers because they do a good
> job at it and don't screw up?

Or maybe not.  The evidence says 'not'.  

> Until then, 

"then"? Until I post facts about their not doing a good job, you mean?  

> I think I speak for the silent majority 

It turns out that the silent majority didn't vote for your view. They
didn't vote at all. A tiny majority voted for Vixie (2%). So I don't
think you or they speak for the silent majority.

> when I say that your conspiracy theories and bandying about of legal
> terms freely, denigrating people who are generally respected as good
> actors on the internet (and if you don't like that, PROVE OTHERWISE!
> Making your case on PPML is great, but you know what they say about
> arguing on the internet. Pick your venue and go for it!)

PPML is a place for public policy discussion, and in particular, IPv4
and IPv6 policy.  And, indeed, I am proving that people aren't exactly
the 'good actors' that you assert they are. You just don't like the
unfavorable facts being brought to light.  Facts I'm bringing to light

> just weakens your case in the
> eyes of the public, and make PPML look like a collection of bickering
> adults in their mother's basements wearing tinfoil hats. As the glorious
> comic book I got last summer states: Who is ARIN? YOU ARE! And frankly,
> I don't want history to see us in this light. Well, maybe they can see
> you in this light, but not the rest of us. Maybe you could start a
> livejournal for your rants or something.

You are the only one ranting---I posted facts. You haven't even bothered
to dispute the facts I posted. That seems pretty 'rant-like'.

I'm just responding to rants. Sigh.


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