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Leo Bicknell bicknell at ufp.org
Sun Jun 8 11:44:27 EDT 2008

In a message written on Sun, Jun 08, 2008 at 07:46:34AM -0700, Brian Reid wrote:
> Sale, rent, whatever. It's $1000/year that I'll have to pay to
> use IPv6. I know there are fee waivers in the beginning, but I don't
> care about the beginning. I care about the long term, and committing
> to $1000/year long term for the use of something that cannot possibly
> cost more than $10/year is, in my opinion, bordering on criminal.

Sent privately, but since Brian wants to air the complaint in public,
I'll resend to the list.

ARIN Provides many services to those who obtain addresses from ARIN:

- Running the whois database.
- Running reverse DNS servers.
- Processing SWIP's.
- Running twice yearly public policy meetings.
- Running mailing lists like ppml, arin-discuss.
- Maintianing a web site with all the information you need on it.
- Staff to run all of the above.
- Accountants to send you a bill and process it.
- People to participate in the Internet Governance process to make
  sure you can get space from ARIN and it isn't given all to your
  local monopoly PTT or worse, a government agency.
And many other things I'm sure I forgot.

An end user like Brian might want to step up and say "But I don't
ever change my whois or in-addr entries, and I don't do swips, and
I choose not to come to the public policy meetings, and I don't
participate on the mailing list except when the fees annoy me and
I didn't ask anyone to go to a WSIS meeting on my behalf and......."

However, those who do pay fees to ARIN have generally decided that
all of those things are "in the public good" and contribute to a
stable, scaleable, secure Internet which means that people like
Brian have a place where they can use their prefixes.  The community
has also decided that an a-la cart model is not attractive.

Just to put Brian's $10 in context.  Per
ARIN has 3055 total members as of 3/31/08.  If each of them paid
$10, that would be $30,055 dollars.

I'd like Brian to tell us how ARIN could function on $30k per year.

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